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IMG_2285At Sok Cambodia School and Orphanage

However big or small, we greatly appreciate your gestures of kindness.

Currently, there are 47 children (aged from 3 to 16) living at the orphanage, and 200 who come here every day to learn at the school, which is located on the premises.

Maybe you have just retired, are taking a gap year before university, or want to use your holiday to do something different. We welcome volunteers from all around the world and would love to receive your support. Your background doesn’t matter – we have volunteers of all ages and abilities, even families with children, joining us every week for an amazing time.

Our children love learning and meeting new people and volunteers provide them with new experiences, be it through learning, singing, playing, or by simply giving them some loving attention. Our staff members are also always on hand to assist you.

You will receive a very warm welcome and your contribution will make a major difference to our children’s lives.

How to Become a Volunteer

Once you’ve decided you’re interested in volunteering, the first stage is to fill out the contact form below. We’ll get back to you with an application form which will ask you for some basic details and the dates you are available to volunteer.

Please note: there is a minimum age limit of 18 unless accompanied by an adult.

Please also tell us if you require transport from the airport, accommodation or tours around the temple. We can arrange all of this as part of your volunteering experience.

We need every little bit of help we can get!

We are a non-profit organisation and we run our projects from donations and from the money we earn from every tour booked through Angkor Adventure. It costs about USD$5.00 a day to feed a child and we need about USD$2,500 a month to cover the running costs of the orphanage. Hence, we ask all of our volunteers to make a donation as every little bit helps.

Your donation goes towards covering the cost of your midday meal and the fuel for the tuk-tuk which takes the children to school and on excursions, and which will come to collect you from your place of residence in the morning and take you home at the end of the day for the duration of your time with us.

Here are the some of the activities we offer in our program:

  • Languages
  • Sports and arts
  • Health and medical care
  • Computer classes and training
  • Nutrition and hygiene
  • Culture program (singing, dancing, playing games with the children) and weekend activities
  • Helping to build a house and school for poor families and children
  • Farming and harvesting rice and vegetables
  • Preparing food, possibly food from your home country

For additional information please complete our contact form below.

Sponsorship of the school is always welcome.

We are also more than happy to provide our volunteers with cycling tours (or car tours) around the village and surrounding area to meet the people learn about the Cambodia.

Visiting Sok Cambodia Children’s Orphanage

Visitors are always welcome. Please call before your visit so we can arrange complimentary transportation.

You can find the Sok Cambodia Children’s Orphanage about 4 km from Siem Reap off the Number 06 Road, About 500m past the Earth Walkers Hostel, Kroush village, Sangkat Sraydoung kum Siem Reap, Cambodia .

Contact us

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form below
or phone: (855)1232 6526 (Cambodia time).

Sok Cambodia Children’s Orphanage – Helping children build a better future for themselves.

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The highlight of our very short visit to Siem Reap

Knowing the history of Cambodia and the fact that this country is still one of the poorest in S/E Asia it was a must for me and my partner and children to make even a small contribution to a reputable Orphanage in Siem Reap. This is a poor district and the Orphanage runs on whatever funds individuals are able to contribute as all NGO’s are basically left destitute by a corrupt Khmer government.

Human trafficking continues to be a major battle for the poorest of nations in this part of the world and Mr Sok is making a significant contribution to a brighter future for Cambodia’s children via his Orphanage. He and his dedicated staff have 30+ children in their care (always wanting to take more in but without the means) and do an amazing job considering the hardships that the staff and children have faced in their owns lives.

The obvious joy and excitement the children express upon visiting this orphanage is testimony to the fact that there is clearly abundant love and attention lavished on all the children. I was initially very overwhelmed and a bit emotional by the attention and affection shown by all the children upon our arrival but relaxed as soon as my hand was taken by the younger girls to give the guided tour of their room and the facilities at the centre. Then it was all play time and fun!

The living conditions are basic and quite crowded but a more important fact is that all the children have energy and enthusiasm to learn and play. Our two boys (aged 5 and 8 year) played nonstop for the few hours we had to spare at the centre. We also enjoyed a traditional Khmer meal for our dinner which was more than generous of Mr Sok and the staff at the centre. When it was time to leave my eldest son expressed his desire to stay and it was clearly one of his most memorable experiences of this trip we made to Cambodia.

It is also important for me as a parent to allow my own children to see the universal needs of children from different cultures and how happy children can be with just the basics of life. These children very much enriched the lives of my own children in ways that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. Every child deserves to have their basic human rights attended to and this part of the world has more than enough needy children to care for.

There are so many different Orphanages in this part of the country and I have every confidence that Mr Sok is 100% committed to the longer term future for his country via this essential work. There is no doubt in my mind that a visit with a donation to this centre will make a difference to the lives of children in the care of Mr Sok and his adoring staff. Please consider emailing well in advance and also the possibility of engaging Mr Sok or one of his staff as your tour guide of Angkor Wat and surrounds. I have no doubt that the tours run by this lovely man would be more than informative and knowing that he channels the extra funds into the Orphanage is worth every cent.

HIGHLY recommended visit for those of you traveling with a conscience and wanting to make a difference

Darwin, Australia